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Hillary Clinton: Liar, Manipulator, Traitor

Hillary for prison 2016

A lot of noise has been made about Hillary Clinton’s emails, but the sad thing is that those emails are small potatoes to a woman who has been abusing the system for decades. Hillary can and will say anything to get what she thinks she deserves and the only way to stop her is by exposing her as the fraud she is.


5. 145 Million Dollar Bribe to Sell Russia Uranium

The Clinton Foundation has been compared to a slush fund for the Clinton family ¬†rather than a charity of multiple occasions, but this situation takes the cake. While Clinton was still secretary of state she was able to grease the bureaucratic wheels on a deal that allowed a Russian state corporation called Rosatom to gain control of 20% of the United States supply of uranium production. Rosatom was able to gain access by acquiring a Canadian company, Uranium One, as a sort of middle man for the transaction. Because uranium is a strategic asset for both energy and weapons, approval from the state department is required for any deals to pass. A financier of Rosatom, Frank Giustra, donated 30 million dollars prior the the deal being approved and ¬†promised a further 100 million afterwords. A number of other investors and executives in the company also donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation. Despite being ordered by president Obama to disclose all donations to her charity, Hillary didn’t follow through with these donations. The headline on a Russian news website soon after the deal passed? “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World”, thanks Hillary.


4. Pregnant woman linked to Bill dies under mysterious circumstances

Monica Lewinsky wasn’t the first woman that Bill Clinton abused by taking advantage of his political power, and Hillary apparently didn’t mind as long as it stayed secret. Back when Bill was the Attorney General of Arkansas he was linked to a woman named Suzanne Coleman. Unfortunately for Coleman she was 7 months pregnant and known to have told friends that Bill Clinton was the father. Suzanne Coleman’s death from a gunshot to the back of the head was ruled a suicide and no autopsy was performed.


3. Held out for assassination of Barack Obama during 2008 campaign

Hillary slamming Bernie Sanders for not supporting Barrack Obama is especially ironic when this piece of history is brought up. In 2008 Hillary was questioned on why she was still in the race for the democratic nomination in June when it was obvious her campaign had failed. She responded “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” She had hinted at this being her reason for staying in the race multiple times prior to actually saying it out loud.

While this isn’t a true scandal in a legal sense, it really exposes Hillary for the fraud she is. Hillary is willing to do or say anything to achieve her goals.

2. Benghazi

At best Hillary’s failures in the Benghazi situation show that she is incompetent and not worthy of being president of the United States, letting american citizens die while she did nothing. It is even more ironic when you consider her slamming Obama during the 2008 election for not being experienced and prepared to handle the 3AM phone calls necessary when president. Looks like Hillary wasn’t ready either. Evidence shows that the state department had received over 600 requests for additional security from Benghazi prior to the attack on September 11,2012. Clinton then lied and stated that the attack was caused by a reaction to internet video, when in reality it was a planned attack that embassy had know about for weeks from tips delivered to them.


1. Whitewater Scandal

Whitewater was a failed real estate investment by the Clintons in the 80s that transformed into a FBI investigation into the lending practices of Madison Guaranty, a savings and loans business owned by Clinton associate James Mcdougal. Mcdougal would go on to take advantage of federal small business loans to loan out 3 million dollars to political candidates. Madison Guaranty would soon collapse, costing the federal government 60 million dollars bailing it out. Mcdougal would then be arrested for 18 counts of fraud and conspiracy. During Bill Clinton’s first term Whitewater would result in an FBI investigation into Bill and Hillary’s involvement. The Clinton’s lawyer Vince Foster was subpoenaed to testify but died of a suicide from two gunshot wounds with no gun to be found near his body. A suicide note was found in his office but analysis found it was not his handwriting. The Clinton’s locked down his office for hours after his death and when the FBI was finally allowed in many files relating to Whitewater were missing.


These are just a small sampling of the corruption of the Clinton family, plenty of more can be found online but I would be writing this article for weeks if I attempted to list them all. Do your part and share this article and help to keep Hillary out of the White House.



  1. I have always been mystified why a person would commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of their head. Now I have a greater quandary on how a man commits suicide by shooting himself twice with no gun. If I were Bill and had a wife like Hillary, I would probably seek out the comfort of other women like he did. I would never like her as a wife, and I sure a hell would not like her as a neighbor or as a PRESIDENT.

  2. Christie said he sat down with his wife and children to discuss the endorsement and said that they supported his decision. He said he ultimately chose Trump because he was a friend of the family and was best suited to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

  3. This woman is prime evil Russia refers to her as the wicked witch of the west. She intends to destroy America

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