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Islam and Guns: Just One of Many Progressive Contradictions

Liberal and left wing politics are built around conflicting and outright contradicting beliefs and nothing exposes this more than the slow motion train wreck that is Europe. The progressives opened their arms to migrants, screaming xenophobe at anyone who expressed doubts over allowing in swarms migrants with little to no identification procedures. The fact that over 75% of the migrants coming from the middle east were young males, not women and children, was also left unquestioned.

The comical side of this ordeal that the liberals apparently haven’t realized is that in their desire to be open to all cultures, they let in a culture that goes against everything they stand for. Gender equality? Gay rights? Progressives just let in millions of migrants who believe in no such thing. Apparently as long as you have brown skin such views are not sexist or homophobic, it’s a proud part of your culture.

But they’re not all bad

Another painful irony is the defense of the migrants provided by liberals, media, and government. You see, not all Muslims are bad, just a small section. Of course, this ignores that fact that 33% of US muslims and 44% of German muslims see nothing wrong with suicide bombings performed against non-muslims. The fact is that to be a “good” muslim by western standards, you have to be a bad muslim in terms of following the Quran. Over 61% of Islamic religious texts are dedicated to how Kafirs, non muslims, are essentially worthless beings who were made to be subservient to muslims. Don’t take my word for it, here it is straight from the mouth of a PhD on the subject

The Liberal Contradiction

Ignoring all of the evidence above that maybe more than a small minority of muslims hate western civilization, at the very least we expose the contradictions and mental hula-hoops liberals jump through to defend them.

The fact is that liberals support radical muslims as a small majority of a population, while saying that guns should be banned despite a even smaller majority being used for any illegal activity!

When it comes to guns, one death is too many and they need to be banned, despite evidence showing that it would not work in the slightest. When it comes to muslims, it’s only a small majority and we need to be more tolerant!

The liberal strategy revolves around insults and name-calling, hold the logic. If you believe that guns should be banned despite a very small amount being used for violent means, you are a true renaissance man. If you think that a small portion of muslims killing thousands fueled by  thousand year old beliefs should require strict vetting before being allowed into the country, you are a redneck, xenophobe, white supremacist.

We build walls not because we hate the people outside, but because we love the people inside. I have no problem letting in true migrant families in need, but opening the gates for no other reason than to appear tolerant is not a good enough reason to risk the same violence occurring in Europe everyday.


This movement of tolerance and love over logic needs to be stopped if we want western civilization as we know it to continue. The fact that women and gay rights crusaders are now fighting to support a religion that views both as garbage is shocking. If you want to keep all the rights you’ve worked so hard to gain, you need to face reality.

The fact of the matter is that the only candidate willing to take the heat and the abuse for calling for stricter immigration is Donald Trump. Note that he never said he wanted to ban or deport muslims, just that he wanted to stop immigration until we could be assured that we could properly vet potential migrants and avoid the disaster that has occurred in Europe. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that though. In the end, you don’t have to like Donald Trump to vote for him, you just have to love your family.

To the progressives reading this who are undoubtedly angry, I’d appreciate a nice logical argument against what I’ve said. Don’t let yourselves stoop to the level of your constituents such as AIDS Skrillex.

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