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Donald Trump will become president thanks to Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump for president

Donald Trump’s campaign has become a source of fascination for many since its inception. What many laughed at as a joke has since become a seemingly unstoppable freight train that has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon despite political pundits, establishment shills, and mainstream media’s blatant attempts to control public opinion. In this article we will examine why the Trump Train won’t be stopped until it reaches the white house due to a little help from Bernie Sanders of all people.

How Trump will win the GOP nomination

Donald Trump Boss

 We all know how trump entered this campaign, calling for deporting all illegal immigrants and building a wall. Soon after he called for a mass ban of Muslims. Combine this with his self-portrayal as anti-establishment and you have built as base that every other establishment candidate was afraid to appeal to.

Trump is a strong believer in the fact that all publicity is good publicity and this has managed to get him millions of dollars in free publicity courtesy of the media which hates him so much. The outrageous claims that he made at the start of his campaign not only got him massive amounts of media attention, but they made many view him as a far right conservative when this could not be further from the truth. By making these strong statements against illegal immigration and Muslims they protect Trump from the inevitable questioning of how “conservative” he really is.

The result, total domination of the GOP primary. The establishment candidates are in shambles after a foolish civil war where they attempted to out-establishment each other while Trump continued to build momentum unabated. Trump is far ahead of the pack and the GOP is starting to accept a reality where Trump is the Republican nominee.

How Trump will win the general election

What many people fail to realize is that Trump is running his campaign just like he runs his business. His political strategy is straight out of the art of the deal, in which Trump uses a Door-in-the-Face strategy where you make an outrageous demand at the start of negotiations and then moves towards a deal that he would still be satisfied with. Trump came out strong to capture the GOP vote, but once you gets the nomination don’t be surprised to see him move towards a more moderate outlook. The true genius is the way Trump has presented himself throughout the campaign. While other politicians would be seen as flip flopping on early promises, Trump is simply making a deal and negotiating like he always has. The result is that he will pick up many democrats and moderates while keeping his loyal base.

Trump will also begin to focus on his universal health care program to replace Obamacare. This will allow him to take a chunk of the Democratic and independent base while bashing Hillary Clinton for her support of Obamacare.

In the general election Trump will finally be able to discuss his actual policies and beliefs without having to hold back to appeal to GOP voters exclusively. Many people have never actually heard these beliefs, simply listening to the sound bites from the mainstream media. Trump’s beliefs will home with a lot of people and people will see that he has a lot larger appeal than many originally thought.

Trump Will Brutalize Hillary

Hillary Clinton is barely hanging on to the Democratic primary lead despite full support from the DNC, mainstream media, and super delegates. Her only saving grace is that Bernie Sanders hasn’t taken advantage of the bunker full of ammunition that he could use to sink Hillary’s campaign. There’s a lot to choose from emails, Benghazi, the Russian Uranium deal, Wall Street bribes, Bill Clinton’s past, Vince Foster’s death, and much more. You can be sure that Trump will have no qualms about annihilating Hillary Clinton when they face off in the general election

The Bernie Factor

The DNC wants Hillary Clinton to win the nomination at all costs. This can be seen from the fact that due to establishment super delegates Hillary was able to come out of New Hampshire with more delegates than Bernie despite losing by more than 20%.

What the DNC doesn’t realize is that a majority of Bernie’s supporters are anti-establishment first, democrats second. Many will not shift their support to Hillary even if Bernie concedes, not to mention the chance of an independent run. Hillary Clinton is the polar opposite of what Bernie Sanders stands for and I believe that many of his supporters will not waver and either not vote, switch to trump, or write in Bernie in the general election.


The end result of this is that even if Clinton gets the nomination she will face a bloodthirsty Donald Trump who has a whole lot of ammo to use for his already deadly insults, while Hillary will have a divided part behind her. I believe that the political pundits are seriously underestimating the mass appeal that Trump has and the raw emotion that he has tapped in to. Trump has managed to tap into a hatred for politicians, political correctness, and the establishment  that may provide enough fuel to put The Don into the white house.

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